If you’re like most people, your schedule probably doesn’t give you much time to sit around and plan what you’ll eat for lunch every day of the week. You might even find yourself stuck without any healthy options on some days. That doesn’t mean that you need to settle for a sad desk salad or an even sadder vending machine snack every day, though. There are plenty of healthy lunch ideas that are quick and easy to make when you don’t have a lot of time to waste. No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s important to take time out of your day to focus on keeping your diet balanced and nutritious. If packing your own lunches sounds like something that would be difficult for you, try exploring some of these different ideas instead.


If you’re in a rush in the morning, eggs are a simple and nutritious choice for a quick and easy lunch. You can make a few at a time, and either use the microwave or a toaster to warm them up. You can also easily add them to salads, sandwiches, and other combinations to make a more filling meal. If you’re worried about having the same thing every day, there are plenty of different ways to add flavour to eggs. Try adding herbs, spices, or even veggies while they’re cooking. You can also try different types of eggs like deviled, frittata, or shakshuka.


Bowls are one of the best choices for a busy lunch. You can make them ahead of time, so there’s less stress about finding time to prepare your lunch during the day. Plus, they’re easy to transport so you can eat them almost anywhere. There are tons of different combinations of ingredients that would work well as a bowl. You can use pretty much any type of food you’d like as a main component, and just mix it all together with some rice or grain, a salad, and maybe some beans for added protein.


Wraps are another quick and easy lunch option that can be made from almost any combination of ingredients. They’re a bit like sandwiches, but don’t require any bread, so they’re a more nutritious option than using a traditional sandwich. If you’re using things like tortillas, you’ll want to remember to pack them in a container that can be used in the microwave so they stay warm until you eat. There are tons of different options for what you could use as the filling of a wrap. Almost any type of salad, vegetable, protein, or even fruit would be a good choice.


Smoothies are a great option for a quick and easy lunch, since you can make them as thick or thin as you want. You could even use them as a snack or as an afternoon pick-me-up if you don’t have time to sit down for a full lunch. The only thing you need to remember is to pack a straw! You can make smoothies that are either light and fruity or heavy and creamy. The choice is really up to you. You can use any combination of ingredients that you’d like. Some good options include bananas, peanut butter, frozen berries, yogurt, and milk.

Veggie sandwich

If you’re looking for a different way to make a sandwich, try replacing the bread with veggies. You can use any type of veggies, but try to avoid softer ones like tomatoes and lettuce. You can use veggies like cucumber, bell pepper, or even lettuce if you prefer more firm veggies. A veggie sandwich is a great option for a quick and easy lunch, and it’s also a good way to use up any vegetables that are in your fridge that might be close to going bad. Try using different types of cheese and spreads to mix the flavour up a bit.

Tacos or Rice Bowls

If you’re craving something a bit more spicy and savoury, tacos and rice bowls are two quick and easy lunch options that are a bit like bowls, but with more of a Mexican or Asian flavour. These are especially good if you want to pack leftovers, or use things like salsa and left-over rice to add extra flavour. Tacos are also easy to adjust to your dietary needs. You can use different types of meat, or even leave it out entirely to make them vegetarian.

Wrapped meals and sandwiches

If you want something a bit more like a traditional sandwich, try wrapping your meal in a tortilla or bread instead. This is a great way to make sure your lunch stays warm until you’re ready to eat. You can mix and match the filling however you’d like. Some good options include a salad, leftovers from dinner, roasted veggies, or even a protein like beans, eggs, or tofu. If you don’t want to wrap everything, you can always just make sandwiches instead. Just make sure to use something like whole grain bread, or cut down the calories by using smaller pieces of bread.


Lunches don’t need to be boring or stressful. With a bit of planning, you can create a variety of healthy lunches that are quick and easy to make. No matter how busy you are, you can find time to focus on your health by packing healthy lunches that are full of good nutrition.

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